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It is believed that Kor*da            enters the body of the

cock at this ceremony.   The cock touches foodgralns only when a

to            Devata Is mentioned.

The process Is repeated until finally a oatne is endorsed by


Usually the catalogue of           consists of the names   of

neart relatives.

If the child to be named is a girl, the name suggested need

not be that of a female. The names of ancestors belonging to both

seies are called,

Oace the cock playing proxy for Jakara Devata approves

a name. It is possible to use that name in the masculine or feminine

form depending upon the sex of the child. For example, if the cock

responds to l" Bangarayya " the girl-child is called " Bangari " or

u Baiigaramma ".

Children thus are named after one of their ancestors stric-

tly on a lottery basis.

The Gazetteer of the Vizagapatam district (1869) states

that " Gadaba Children, like those of other primitive tribes here,

are usually named after the day of the week on which they were

ora ". This custom is not prevalent among the Gadabas of Raja

Ckeniyu Valasa.

The custom they follow is to leave it to the cock to appro-

ve one ancestral name from out of a list, of names. The name so

selected, is given to the child.

5. Puberty :

When a girl attains puberty, she is made to sit on a mat.

She should not move from this mat until the bathing ceremony

after which she can move freely, Kinsmen are invited to the